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NORDWIND Sales & Marketing GmbH starts with a humanistic, holistic understanding of people, in which the person and their emotional needs are at the centre.

Through our Events & (Sales) Promotions, an empathic acceptance of people can reveal a new, unusual experience which enables them to rediscover and activate their emotions.

Our broad range of services, independent of any business sector, offers suitable methods for any brand which will wow your customers. Whether you require sales support at your point of sale, merchandisers, (sampling) promoters or hostesses, we have the ideal thing for your brand with our wide range of promotion options and diverse measures.

We align innovation with tradition: Despite rapid changes in the communications sector, we have not completely turned our back on traditional techniques but we instead link them to modern practices, resulting in unique strategies and ideas that will delight your customers.
We successfully support our partners on over 25,000 (sales) promotion days per year and, scalably, at over one hundred distinct campaigns per brand and month. With failure rates of between 0 and max. 3%, we are way ahead of our competitors in terms of quality.

Face-to-Face-Kommunikation. Markenkommunikation von Mensch zu Mensch.

Die NORDWIND Sales & Marketing GmbH geht von einem humanistischen, ganzheitlichen Menschenbild aus, bei dem der Mensch mit seinen emotionalen Bedürfnissen im Zentrum steht.

Durch unsere Events & (Sales-)Promotions kann eine empathische Annahme für den Menschen eine neue und ungewohnte Erfahrung darstellen, die es ihm ermöglicht, seine Emotionen neu zu entdecken und zu aktivieren.
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